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Khinds10 - Huge deadline, won't be able to escape working late, :( - 10/05/09

Heow Goodman - Venue change! Due to overwhelming demand, 10gen has upgraded the venue to: Desmond Tutu Center, Matthews Room. 180 10th Ave (b/w 20 & 21st Streets) - 09/29/09

Heow Goodman - Will be covering "Excel as Your Database" grin…781590597514 - 09/18/09

Brendan W. McAdams - We are looking into getting a larger space as we're bumping up on our space limit... - 09/15/09

Heow Goodman - Lightning talk idea: storage for MUD/MMORPG - 09/15/09

Heow Goodman - Gary Warden King will be in town to present AllegroGraph - 09/15/09

Heow Goodman - Stuart Sierra will present on Clojure/Hadoop. - 09/11/09

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